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Doing Our Part at Dwyer

As a leader in a field of nurse call technology which affects people, Dwyer is leading the way of Eco-conscience manufacturing practices that leave a smaller energy footprint on our planet. We take care to recycle where we can, are mindful of waste and have most recently converted our manufacturing facility to a solar environment.


Dwyer Today.

Dwyer Precision® Products, Inc. is the industry leader in uniquely designed, patented, pneumatic (air-activated) nurse call cords which have become the industry standard for critical care, long-term care and rehabilitation care facilities throughout the world.

Our History

Dwyer Yesterday...

Mr. Phillip Dwyer, a Mechanical Engineer from Purdue University, founded Dwyer Precision® in 1965. He dedicated his life to the development of products for the seriously impaired to improve patient care. Dwyer Precision® sells its specialty nurse call cords world-wide to hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Mr. Dwyer innovated he call cord market by developing a variety of specialty ease of use nurse call cords at the request of a friend who needed a safe alternative to electronic call cords which could be used in oxygen enriched atmosphere and could prevent hazardous electrical static discharge (ESD), a significant patient risk. Dwyer has become the most trusted name in the oxygen safe air activated nurse call-cord field today. Special adaptors to match virtually all nurse call systems continue to be produced at our Jacksonville Beach, FL factory. 

Dwyer Tomorrow...

Dwyer Tomorrow...

The risks associated with electrical static discharge (ESD) remain a healthcare industry concern. At Dwyer we continue to develop specialty, pneumatic (air-activated), No Voltage, nurse call cords and accessories to function safely with virtually all nurse call systems in all healthcare environments, including oxygen enriched atmospheres and continue to innovate new products which provide limited or immobile patients to safely alert healthcare providers to their needs.

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