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UniCall® Nurse Call Cord

UniCall® Nurse Call Cord

We build every product to order. To ensure we construct the call cord best compatible with your facilities system; Simply choose your product, the compatible plug and the cord length. We'll do the rest! Should you have any questions, please contact us as we're happy to help.

Need help determining what Nurse Call System you have or plug you need?

No Problem! We can help. You can usually find the manufacturer name for your call system on the master station. If you dont see it there, that's okay as it may be written on nurse station or on components in the room station.

If you can't find the manufacturers name, you may be able to identify what you need by simply looking at the plug at the end of your call cord (if you are replacing a cord) or by looking at the female receptacle in the wall plate (where you will plug the call cord in).

We've created an easy-to-follow diagram on identifying your plug type Here.

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Plug Description: This is a 1/4 Inch Inline Phone Jack style plug.

Compatible with the following nurse call systems: Universal

Electrical Characteristics: Momentary contact type. Normally open contacts, pressing bulb makes momentary contact and system relay holds call signal until reset button at bed or central nurse station is depressed. Electrical plug has tip and sleeve jack. Rated 1/3 amps 24 volt AC/DC.

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What is it?
The UniCall® is a pneumatic (air-activated) nurse call cord that works with virtually any nurse call system. UniCall® is a slender wand style call with a pneumatic, soft vinyl bulb style button on the end that when pressed calls the nurse.  The pad is designed for those patients that do not require multi-function but where instead a simple, one-button option is ideal .  The UniCall requires only a very small amount of pressure to activate the call function by simply pressing down on the pad. The pad can be pressed  with the fingers, palm, elbow or even foot. Its simplicity, ease-of-use and seamless, plug-and-play integration into any system makes it ideal for a host of patient environments. Our accessory packs ensure our products function with virtually all nurse call systems.

Easy Integration and No Voltage!
The UniCall, as with all of our products are NO voltage and are unique in their compliance with UL standards of safety.  Our accessory packs (the part that plugs into your existing system) are simple to integrate into your current nurse call system.  We offer an extensive list of options and can customize any of our cords to fit your needs.

Why Pneumatic?
All Dwyer nurse call cords are pneumatic so they are safe in oxygen-enriched-environments and MRI testing rooms. Additionally, the UniCall® is easy-to-use and requires very little pressure to operate making it a great choice for patients with arthritis/joint or dexterity limitations. Clients also report patients satisfaction with its simplicity as many older patients find the multi-function/multi-button, remote style calls to be confusing.  UniCall® makes it easy; Simply press the pad to call the nurse.

Where is it used?
The UniCall® is used in a host of patient environments including, but not limited to:

-Surgical Centers
-Long Term Care
-Nursing Homes
-Hospital MRI
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* We have a printable, PDF available with enlarged/detailed pics of each plug should you need it.  You can also contact us with any questions or if you need help ordering.

Vendor Dwyer Precision Products, Inc.
Type Nurse Call Cord